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Another Damned Darling


Torn out of my world, captured by a pirate, and fighting for my life, was not how I planned on spending my week.

Never Darling

I grew up believing my great-grandmother’s tales were mostly fiction. Sure, a few scraps were true, but those dark pieces didn’t make it into the pretty fantasy the rest of the world knows.

I don’t have time for fantasy. Not when I have bills to pay and a teenage brother to get through his last year of high school. Until he goes missing, and I wind up trapped on a pirate ship in an enchanted realm.

Everything I thought I knew about Wendy’s stories was wrong. Including Pan, who is less of a flying boy and more of a soul-stealing demon that has made my brother his next target.

I’ll burn this realm to the ground before I let that happen. But first, I have to figure out how to get off this damned ship and away from the high-handed pirate who’s holding me captive.


Keep the demon trapped on the cursed island. That has been my mission – my sentence – for millennia. So, when I receive word the creature’s devious shadow has lured another human boy to my world, it’s all hands on deck to find him before the demon does what it does best.

There is one unexpected hurdle, however. A woman. A mouthy, stubborn, dangerously tempting woman who ruffles my immortal feathers. And that’s before I discover who she really is…

At best, she’s a distraction.
At worst, she’s a Darling.
Either way, I’m in trouble.

– – – – –

Another Damned Darling is a spicy and twisted tale featuring a strong, foul-mouthed heroine and a broody pirate captain. This is an enemies-to-lovers story, intended for readers 18+. It’s the first of a series and ends on a cliffhanger.

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